I have played the drums for over 50 years - in many different outfits and situations. Highlights included travelling the world and recording with the legendary psychedelic prog/jazz group "Catapilla."Throughout I also wrote songs and music, for corporate presentations and video as well as developing my painting career. In 1993 I released an album of mainly instrumental music called "The Perfect Beach." This generated some generous press reviews - and this passing comment from Sound On Sound magazine's reviewer - "I am sure that a reworking of these ideas at some time, (perhaps after an equipment upgrade), would prove extremely fruitful."

Well, it's important not to rush these things so here I am, 27 years later about to release the follow-up - "Blue Forgotten Hills." Not so much a reworking of old ideas but all new material - 4 songs - and taking advantage of the creative possibilities offered by modern computer based recording technology.

I've had loads of fun writing and recording the tracks and making the accompanying videos - an opportunity to combine the two threads of my creative life. I hope you like it. Thanks for listening.

To be released on music streaming sites in July 2020.

Test Only

Blue Forgotten Hills - Test

Scenes from 50 years of making music

Sound On Sound magazine said - 

"Lovely thematic and melodic ideas"

Sound On Sound magazine said - 

"Creative, thoughtful pieces from an inventive writer, adventurous both harmonically and in structure"

Melody Maker said -

"Wonderfully out of sync with everyone else"

Sound On Sound magazine said -

"Brian's considerable harmonic invention and skill as a pianist"

Second Avenue magazine said -

"Interesting sounds and arrangements"


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